Sree Embedded Technologies is an organisation where a group of professionals can deliver product design,development for Linux kernel drivers,boot loaders and Android.We provide training on complete practical oriented methods on Embedded domain, wireless technologies and mobile platforms.

        The organisation was founded by experienced professionals worked in various organisations in telecom and Embedded domains. Our training program is practical oriented and aimed to match the industry standards. The teaching staff is highly skilled and experienced.They have real time industry experience of around 17 years in organisations like Samsung,Qualcomm,Texas Instruments and Reneas Mobile india on various technologies like connectivity,Kernel,Audio device drivers,IOT technologies,Android Framework and Hardware abstraction layer etc.

Sree Embedded is completely focusing on three domains.
  1. Training and placements
  2. Design, development and deployment of services
  3. Staffing

We provide training and placement in the field of Embedded systems and application domain. The Embedded training includes real time projects in kernel device drivers, android and IoT. We are offering 6-months and 1-year apprenticeship program for students with certification. We encourage our engineers to contribute in open source projects.


  • To Excel in the field of Embedded domain, our organisation focuses on design, development and deployment our solutions while serving all wings of telecom domain.
  • To accommodate a wide spectrum of platforms with differing environmental requirements.
  • Indigenously design products and develop applications in commercial, industrial and medical environments.
  • Deliver cutting-edge technology products for a variety of Embedded Computing Applications, Internet Of Things and Artificial Intelligence.


We deliver our services in the field of telecom and IoT technologies for better living. Our product engineering services offers a comprehensive set of Embedded linux services, available to product development companies across the globe. Sree Embedded's development services includes porting, embedded linux BSP, YOCTO, linux device drivers and embedded linux application development, and architecting other sub systems on various platforms.