We are expertise in the following areas:

Product design and development for any customized boards and firmware development. We can deliver the services to defence related projects, electrical domain, Consumer electronics and telecom domain. We are also experts in product design and development for Linux kernel drivers,boot loaders and Android which we develop for any of your custom boards.

We are offering our development solutions in the following sectors:
  1. Software solutions on Embedded linux, kernel, drivers and related areas.
  2. Energy domain
  3. Industrial automation
  4. Automotives
  5. Health care
  • Providing solutions in porting and developing kernel device drivers software as per the requirements of the client.
  • Providing design and services for energy, industrial, automotives and health care domains as per the client requirements.
  • Providing advanced services in the field of IoT while using advanced frameworks.
  • We offer services in the field of staffing also for freshers and experienced candidates in different domains.

Home Automation

We developed the solution for Home Automation while using advanced technologies like Google's Android things. The project can be further developed and customized based on the client requirements.

Bootloaders, Linux Kernel and drivers

We offer services for porting kernel device drivers,bootloaders and Android on required platforms based on client requirements. We can port on Panda, blaze, Tablet platforms of OMAP, Snapdragon series and on any customized boards. We are expertise in Linux kernel, device drivers and Android porting and feature developments.

Health Monitoring system

We developed this product for monitoring the health. The complete project is developed on the basis of advanced IoT technology. The data can be viewed in the Google server. The required data will also be sent to the concerned person.

Smart Data Device(SDD)

The Smart Data Device(SDD) belongs to electrical domain. The data can be sent to the server and reports will be generated. We offer design and development services in this area.

Some of the Boards with which we Experiment :

Beaglebone Black Rev

Raspberry Pi-3

Intel Galileo Gen-2

Pandaboard ES

Imx6 Pico Pi/h6